Jackson Heights Realtors: We’ll Sell Your Property
In our capable and caring hands, we have successfully closed over 600 properties in over 100 different buildings in the flourishing Jackson Heights area. MPC Properties has been the catalyst in focusing increased awareness on the charms and convenience of Jackson Heights life. Our team has achieved this through determined sales acumen and the strong belief in the value of Jackson Heights property.
Our multi-faceted strategy for selling Jackson Heights property includes, but is not limited to:
  • Advertising in The New York Times, Street Easy, Zillow, Trulia, and other social media
  • Promotional mailings to potential buyers
  • Public printings in Jackson Heights, Queens and other boroughs
  • Creative Campaign Ads on phone booths, bus stops and other public areas throughout Jackson Heights and high traffic areas (Astoria, parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan) where our future Jackson Heights residents presently live
  • Prominent storefront to display our properties for sale

The goal of MPC Properties is to attract a majority of potential buyers and to expedite sales of residential properties without undue stress and anxiety for our clients. A home is one of your most valued assets. When you list with MPC Properties you can be assured that you will work with the most knowledgeable, professional and dedicated realtors available in Jackson Heights. MPC Properties takes pride in accessibility to our customers, whose needs are of our utmost concern.