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Jackson Heights New York Real Estate

Jackson Heights New York Real Estate – Garden Co-ops

The most attractive real estate in Jackson Heights is the historic co-op district. It stretches in places from 76th Street to 88th Street, from Roosevelt Avenue to Northern Boulevard.

Garden co-ops with interior, park-like courtyards command the most value. Buildings like the Towers and the Chateau were built with a degree of sophistication found in few NYC co-ops and rarely in new construction. Sunken living rooms, art deco flourishes, hardwood floors, and layouts that make the most of light and breezes, these are co-ops designed to be lived in, not mere stepping stones.

When you visit buildings, you’ll see for yourself how a single two-bedroom or three-bedroom co-op can have windows and views in three or sometimes four directions. Many residents have worked to preserve the original art deco details of their apartments and buildings.

A co-op might extend around a whole block, but many are actually made of different, adjoining buildings. Each separate building has only a few co-op apartments, making Jackson Heights Queens real estate often more private compared to other neighborhoods co-ops.

Private Gardens – Jackson Heights Queens Real Estate

And what’s in the middle of those Jackson Heights blocks is the kicker for the neighborhood: private gardens in enclosed courtyards. Several are a block in length with areas for quiet enjoyment of flowers and trees and other area designated for children play. Many of the co-op residents have organized special flower gardens.

Th private co-op gardens, the prize of Jackson Heights real estate, is hidden away for most of the year. Only one weekend each June do the co-op members invite visitors to tour the private gardens.

Jackson Heights New York real estate north of Northern Boulevard also does well, but it’s farther from the subway. There are also less co-ops, with multi-family homes—some attached—dominating the real estate market.

Is There Value in Jackson Heights Queens Real Estate?

While Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn experienced tremendous surges in value in the early 2000s, the increases in Jackson Heights were more moderate, helping ensure a solid market when the overall economy slows.

The middle class lifestyle possible in Jackson Heights is all but impossible in much of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Prices are sane, and the community is active in caring for the neighborhood.

History of Jackson Heights Real Estate

The historic Jackson Heights co-op district was developed mainly by the Queensboro Development Corporation, a pioneer in the 1920s Jackson Heights real estate market. Queensboro had the original idea of the garden co-op, with building footprints only using 33% of available land, keeping the rest of the property as open, green space. Jackson Heights New York real estate was marketed to the middle class and upper middle class.

In the 1930s Queensboro built a number of unique “English Garden” houses, some attached, some detached, some multi-family, some single-family, with real flair and architectural detail.